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Tikva was always drawn toward this enchanting fruit. The pomegranate, which is a symbol of fruitfulness and the 613 מצוות (Torah commandments), is rich and vibrant with color and bursting with flavor. It was forever her childhood snack in school as her dear Maman (grandmother in Farsi) would come over and lovingly seed large bowls of this delicious fruit. Tikva clearly remembers watching her and listening to the sound of seed after seed hitting the surface while conversing about everything and anything.


A giclee print is a high-quality reproduction print on canvas.

The original painting was scanned to ensure ultimate quality. Viewers will be kept wondering if it truly is only a replica of the original and not the painting itself. Each stroke and color is vivd. Also, being that it is printed on canvas, the print imitates the texture and feel of the original painting (painted on canvas) to delightful perfection.

Purchase the original "Rimonim Trio" HERE.