A Letter From Tikva

I was that little girl chasing butterflies and marveling at the vibrancy in the colors around me. My imagination allowed me to venture into fantasy lands in my own head. I was that student whose mind would drift mid-class. No page of notes was forgotten and drawings were everywhere. Even while playing the piano, I was able to sense colors coming alive; the soft blues of whispering pieces, and the fiery reds of strong dramatic notes. My poetic and musical spirit is very much a part of who I am.

 People and life never cease to intrigue me. Having been born and raised in the bustling action-packed life of Brooklyn, New York, each person I encounter seems to hold a story; pages of background, hope, aspiration, and limitless potential. I’ve learned to never view anyone or anything at face value and I believe that search for inner truth and authenticity in the world around us must be vigorously sought after. Seeing beyond the surface makes me who I am.   

 And so, I paint. My paintings embrace layer upon layer of rich paint, creating magnificent masterpieces of depth, which provoke unique reflections and inspiring emotions to all those who contemplate their beauty. My wish is for viewers and owners of these masterpieces to search for the magic they hold within themselves, to listen to the whispers of their own unique voices, and to internalize this idea:

We are made of layers.

EVERY moment in life adds to our glory.

Our scars and mistakes make us beautiful.    

 We are blessed with miracles in the world we live in. The joy in nature bursts forth all around us if we open our eyes to see. Happiness is everywhere you look. Painting for me is an expression of my love and infinite gratitude to our Creator. My hope for all humanity is that we learn to absorb the joy that is bestowed upon us and allow it to cascade in full color.

 With love, Tikva